Plan Now for Aeration and Seeding

Act Now for Aeration/Seeding!

Now is the time to promote your aeration and seeding services for this fall. I say this with an eye on our production calendar: for all of the customized products below (door hangers, postcards, or the new EDDM Aeration/Seeding card), we typically need about a week to get a project set up and approved, and then roughly a week to get the materials printed. Factor in shipping and you can figure you’re looking at 2.5 weeks for any customized materials you need to promote your aeration/seeding work. So, I encourage you to act now.

#713 – Aeration Door Hanger

This full color door hanger has been so effective that one client has bought and distributed over 100,000 of them in the last 2 years. The front is pre-printed for you and we set up an imprint on the entire back side of this 5.5″ x 12.5″ hanger.

#903 – Lawn Renovation Postcard

This super jumbo postcard has been very popular for selling a variety of fall lawn services to non-customers (because your lawns don’t look like this). We can customize the imprint to reflect your specific approach to fall aeration/seeding projects.

A picture can tell a story, and in this case it can sell a lot of aeration work as well. This card clearly shows the concept of aeration, and can be set up as a mailer or as a leave behind.

Aeration/Overseeding EDDM Postcard

Part of our new line of Every Door Direct Mail Postcards, this card is fully customizable in color on both sides and is designed to qualify for the new EDDM program from the post office. It’s a cost-effective program for delivering your message to very specific carrier routes.

#336 – Aeration/Overseeding Grow Note

By Popular Demand! We had numerous requests for this piece and we were happy to develop it last fall. It immediately sold out, and for those of you who missed out on it when we rolled it out, now is a great time to get stocked up.

#301 – Aeration Grow Note

This classic insert is probably our best selling product of all time, for good reason: it is simply the best piece you will find for describing the benefits of core aeration. Sized to be used as an insert or leave-behind, this Grow Note will save you time and make you money.

#253 – Aeration Bulletin

Our bulletin products are favored by clients who want to provide more information than we fit on a Grow Note. As an added benefit, all of our bulletins (including our Late Season Seeding Bulletin) are printed on laser compatible paper and designed with an open area on the back for you to print with a special offer.

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Let’s Go Reds!

Let’s Go Reds!

Thanks to my fanatic son, I’ve rekindled my love of baseball, and specifically the Cincinnati Reds. It really helps when the team is doing well, as we are this year, and as we were in 1990 when I first discovered the sport. Some teams you expect to do well (cough Yankees cough), but the Reds are a smaller market team with a smaller payroll than many teams, so it’s kind of gratifying to see them competing. Additionally, we lost Joey Votto, our one bona fide superstar, in Mid-July, and the fact that we’ve held onto first place in his absence is a testament to resilience, team playing, and hard work. In fact, since we lost Votto we’ve increased our lead by 7 games. It’s awesome.

My point is this: it’s easy to look at the loss of any given superstar in your company and say, “well, there goes the season” – but the loss of one person doesn’t have to mean that the world is coming to an end. In fact, sometimes it gives other people in your company a chance to step up and excel, which is exactly what’s happened with the Reds in the last month.

In baseball you’ll often hear people say, “Well, it’s a long season”, and I’m sure that some of you are thinking that your own season is feeling pretty long at this point, too. Just like in baseball, a lot of exciting activity happens down the home stretch of the season. As we head out of summer and into fall, try to keep your head in the sales game. Wether you’re selling aeration/seeding or fall landscaping, the season can be made or lost over the next 8-10 weeks. Good luck.

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