Beating the Heat

A client of mine runs a lawn care operation in northern Ohio. He recently told me about a client of his who was swearing up and down that they killed a patch of her lawn. The technicians knew they didn't do anything out of the ordinary, but this woman was convinced that the company had burnt a patch of her lawn between the driveway and the house.

My client decided to go and see for himself, and sure enough, there was a clear section of dead turf right where she said there was...almost as if it were a path between the driveway and the front door. A lightbulb went off in his head and he decided to take a soil sample, only to find out that there was an old brick walkway buried an inch underground. Grass had grown up around the bricks for some unknown amount of time, and it wasn't an issue until the lawn got dried out in the dog days of summer.

I think that's a great metaphor for landscapes in general: during the spring and early summer, things are growing and bursting at the seams. Everything seems full of life and vigor. But once you get into August the cracks start to show. Non-irrigated lawns get pretty crunchy, and even landscape elements get a bit of dustiness that diminishes their appearance.

Against this backdrop, it can be tough to motivate your clients to invest in their property, and in turn it can be hard to convince yourself to promote your own services. But fall is coming, and whether you are a LCO offering aerations/seeding, or a landscaper who wants to fill a project schedule, now is when you should be planning out a schedule to promote your fall services.

Each company we work with is different, and we like to tailor the approach we suggest for each client. Some companies benefit greatly from direct mailing programs that can put them in front of new prospects, while many of you have tons of potential revenue waiting to be had in your existing client base; a situation that lends itself to e-mail promotions and newsletter-style communication. Whatever your services and situation, we would like to help. Contact us today, we're always happy to hear from you.

Fall Marketing Tools

Cool season grasses are ready for aeration/seeding, and homeonwers start thinking about neighborhood bonfires and wishing they had a nicer patio to invite friends to. Below are some ideas to consider for marketing your services this fall.

Every Door Direct Mail

Customizable EDDM cards can be used for promoting any variety of services. We have produced to promote aeration, seeding, fall hardscaping or fall cleanups. All of our EDDM projects are fully customizable, these are examples of the cards we could produce for you.

#336 - Aeration/Seeding Grow Note

Aeration plus Overseeding can jumpstart a tired looking lawn. And offering this service can generate a nice revenue boost as well. This insert s one of our best sellers because it clearly explains and effectively promotes this important and profitable service.

#301 - Aeration Grow Note

This classic insert is probably our best selling product of all time, for good reason: it is simply the best piece you will find for describing the benefits of core aeration. Sized to be used as an insert or leave-behind, this Grow Note will save you time and make you money.

#253 - Aeration Bulletin

Our bulletin products are favored by clients who want to provide more information than we fit on a Grow Note. As an added benefit, all of our bulletins (including our Late Season Seeding Bulletin) are printed on laser compatible paper and designed with an open area on the back for you to print with a special offer.