Time is a curious construct. We make dozens of decisions every day based on the passage of time, or the allocation of the time we have. But actual dates and times are constructed by humans. Today being a leap day gives us a good reminder of how wacky it can be to accurately measure time. Consider that if it weren’t for leap years, today’s date would be July 15, 2017.

In this industry, we tend to measure time by the weather. If it’s 70 degrees and sunny, that’s more important than the calendar saying it’s February. And this time of year always has strange effects on our business. As soon as March begins, we start fielding phone calls from clients who have put off their marketing plans, and now realize they have to get rolling pretty quickly in order to get everything finished.

We’re here to help, and I encourage you to move quickly. But by the same token, nobody should be freaking out either. I had a client last week act like he didn’t have time to do any marketing this year because it’s late February - and to me that’s crazy. Just like the proverb says, the best time to start your marketing was November, but the second best time to start your marketing is today. Let us know how we can help.

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