Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

One consistent bit of news I am hearing this spring from our clients is that tick populations are booming in many areas. Given the seriousness of tick-bourne illnesses like Lyme Disease, this is a fairly serious thing. Many of you offer tick, flea or mosquito control services, and that's good news for your clients and their pets. We have several tools that can help you promote these services, including EDDM postcards and Grow Notes.

Tick Control Grow Note

Tick Control can be effectively promoted to your existing clients with tools like this Grow Note. Many homeowners don't realize the difference between a dog tick and a deer tick, and this Grow Note includes a nice visual comparison of the two, plus an explanation of the diseases they carry.

Flea & Tick Grow Note

Nobody wants their kids or pets being bitten by disease-carrying pests like fleas and ticks. This Grow Note covers all your bases and iis a great tool for promoting your service amongst existing clients.


Mosquito Control Grow Note

As you probably know, mosquitos suck. This Grow Note can help you let your customers know that there are solutions that you can offer. Use these to inform exisiting clients by either leaving them on their property at the time of service, or including them in your regular invoicing.

These Grow Notes can be purchased as is or with your company logo included.

Flea & Tick EDDM

Flea and Tick Control is well suited for EDDM because you can target non-customers in specific neighborhoods, which can be very helpful if the prospects live in an area with a high prevalence of ticks. This design can be fully customized to reflect your specific service offering.

Mosquito Control EDDM

Mosquito Control services have come a long way from bug zappers and cintronella candles. And seriously, everyone hates mosquitoes. You can use EDDM to target neighborhoods where mosquitos will be more likely, and this customizable design can be changed to reflect the specific mosquito control program you offer.